E3: The Distant Sky


Well, now we know how Hak became Yona’s bodyguard.  No wonder he was so furious at Soo-Won’s betrayal of both Yona and King Il.  And for a man who doesn’t like violence and weapons, King Il sure wasn’t afraid to grab that sword with his bare hand.  He didn’t even flinch or pass out.  Now maybe it doesn’t seem so strange that he would be able to kill Soo-Won’s father. 


Unfortunately, the bond that those three had is definitely broken, and who’s to say if it can be repaired.  Although, there is a slim chance that they could pull a Shippuden on us.  I feel bad for Hak, but I can understand Yona’s inability to accept reality, and her need to hang on to something from a happier time.


I’m glad he decided to let them live, but just what is he planning to do?

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