E4: Daily Anguish


Listen to San-chan, she’s wise beyond her years…

Anyway, I’m glad they addressed the issue and it didn’t become an episode about awkwardly avoiding each other or something like that.  But while Erika’s very certain about her feelings, Kyoya seems to have yet to really sort out his own.  In his case his actions definitely speak louder than his words, and I think the fact that he stopped playing around with girls says something about his feelings towards Erika.  But that doesn’t mean he’s as crazy about her as she seems to be for him.  Of course, being the sadist he is, he tells her to agonize over whether or not he feels the same, but really I think he’s just not sure how to deal with someone who actually cares for him the way she does.


Enter Takeru, who has been friends with Kyoya for a while.  He tries to help Erika make Kyoya fall for her, but in the end Kyoya basically tells him:


I like this.  I don’t think that just because Erika confessed means Kyoya has to immediately have a concrete yes or no.  He encourages Erika to keep pursuing him, meaning that he does have an interest and that there is a possibility in the future that he will return her feelings.  Although, it’s not guaranteed that he will, but I have hope.  Also, this was just too freaking cute:


I kind of hope to see more of Kyoya’s gentle side as the series goes along, but for now I’m enjoying it.

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