E4: The Wind Clan


Hak takes Yona to his hometown, Capital Fuuga.  Funny how the safest place for them has guards like these…


Meanwhile at the Five Kage Summit- I mean, the meeting of the five tribes, Su-Won tries to gain everyone’s approval to become king.  Mun-deok believes in Hak, and he knows giving his blessing to Su-Won would mean acknowledging that Hak was responsible for killing King Il, so he refuses.  


But then, everything changed when the fire nation attacked Fire Tribe built a dam in an attempt to limit the Wind Clan’s resources.  Tae-jun takes it one step further though, and orders his men to attack the merchants who usually come to the Fuuga.  He deserved to be turned by down Yona.


Everyone in Fuuga is getting fed up, but luckily Heang-dea lightens the mood, and Hak manages to calm them down.  It seems like Heang-dea is much smarter than he looks/acts.


Hak decides it would be best for the Wind Clan and Yona if he leaves, and if Mun-Deok approves of Su-Won as the next king.  It’s a bold move, but Mun-Deok understands.  But from the preview, it doesn’t look like Yona will accept his decision so easily.

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