E5: An Impregnable Defense


I knew this felt too easy.

Kyoya jokingly confesses to Erika, and it really gets her hopes up.  I do think it was really cruel, and that he deserved what he got:


For some reason he reminds me of Light Yagami right there…

But I do feel like even though he said he was joking, there was maybe some truth in there.  If he really did consider her a toy, he would’ve thrown her away by now.  Also, again, actions speak a lot louder than words.  He’s stood up for her a few times, and he just got her some stomach medicine and he didn’t ask her to pay him back.  And he really does seem shy, because he can’t compliment her without adding some backhanded comment next to it.  But I agree with some other viewers who can’t seem to figure out is he a jerk with a heart of gold or just a jerk?  I’d like it to be the former, but I honestly wouldn’t mind if it does end up being the latter (so long as she properly dumps him if he is). 

Hopefully he’ll come to a point where he can just be honest with her, rather than pushing her away all the time.  It seems like he’s getting closer to that:


That’s one expensive collar.

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