E6: Preparing for Battle


Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, Erika decides to make some sweets for Kyoya in an attempt to win his heart.  They do say the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.


Lately Erika’s been helping Kusakabe work on his confidence.  He is really my type of guy: shy, sweet, considerate, and 10% chance of being secretly yandere….


As hard as he tries not to show it, it’s clear Kyoya’s jealous.  It doesn’t help when he sees Kusakabe with one of the chocolate cupcakes Erika made for him.  


When hearing how Kyoya mistreats her, Kusakabe steps up and asks her out.  I honestly didn’t think he’d be so bold.  Erika has a tough decision to make, and at first I thought she’d end up rejecting him and going back to Kyoya but…


After overhearing Kyoya and Kusakabe’s conversation, maybe not.  Kyoya admits that he kind of enjoys teasing Erika, and he never says straight out whether he likes her or not.  And when Kusakabe tells him that he confessed to her, Kyoya’s just like “do what you want.”  But his shocked face clearly tells us that he’s hurt.  


We still don’t know about his past, but again I’m suspecting that his mother or some other female mistreated/abandoned him.  So the fact that he keeps saying Erika is just a game is just a way to convince himself not to get too close.  And the fact that he’s willing to let her go so easily is just because then he won’t feel so abandoned if and when she does leave.  And I was inwardly screaming when he almost asked Sanda for advice.  Hopefully he can get it together and win her over before she leaves him for Kusakabe  (or someone else…)

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