E8: Self-Contradiction


Kyoya gets annoyed because Erika wants them to do all the cheesy things couples do now that they’re a couple.  And, while I understand Erika’s feelings, I kinda have to agree with Kyoya on this.  Different people enjoy different things, and personally, I thought staying in and watching a DVD was a perfect idea.  I mean alone, cuddling up, having a few snacks, I’d be all over that!  Then again, I am the type that likes to stay inside in general so….ignore me.


But it’s cute when he gives in just a little.  He’s not the only one though.  Erika agreed to watch a DVD with him next time.  They’re both starting to realize that a relationship is give and take, and it’s nice to see that.


Then we have this smooth talking ladies’ man Kamiya, who isn’t really that cute imo, but he has no shame in dating many girls at once.  He tries to add Erika to his harem, but of course she only has eyes for Kyoya.  And if you think he sounds a bit familiar, it’s probably because he has the same VA as Kirito from SAO, Sora from NGNL, Lubbock from Akame ga Kill and a few other characters listed here: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka


As much as it sounds like he thinks Kyoya is being stupid for being tied down, I’m getting the impression that he’s jealous. It looks like he’s about to start something but I hope whatever it is doesn’t ruin things between Erika and Kyoya.

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