E17: The Pirates of Awa


Finally, we get to meet the Green Dragon.  I like Jeaha so far, but he doesn’t seem too willing to fulfill his duty.  His weakness for women makes me think he might give into Yona but he seems like a bit of a wildcard so for now I’ll just sit back and watch.


I don’t know if I’m laughing because she’s totally okay with this, or because the fact that she seems okay with this means that she may not see Hak the way he sees her, or because of Hak’s face, but it is funny no matter what the reason.


I was pleasantly surprised by Yona’s perceptiveness.  I think if she continues to train and accumulate knowledge, she’ll become just as strong as, maybe even stronger than Hak and the dragons. 


I hope I look this hot when I get to be her age.  And she’s got a pirate harem?  Hell yeah.  But what is this thing that they’re looking for, and this intense battle that has her so worried?

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