E18: Ties


Poor Hak.   


I actually like that Jeaha’s not like “Okay, sure, I’ll join you.”  Of course, I figured at least one of them would resist.  Though, I am a bit surprised (pleasantly) that he wasn’t taken in by Yona’s cuteness.  However, he does notice her bravery and determination.  I think that Gija and Sinha also picked up on that about her, and that they follow her of their own free will, not because of fate.  If Jeaha does join them though, I think he might do it more for Hak than for Yona.


This makes up for Yona’s comment last week about letting Hak fool around with other women.  These two are adorable.


I’m glad that Yona’s so enthusiastic about this, but I’m a bit worried about this life-threatening task Captain Gigan mentioned.  I guess we’ll see next week. 

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