E20: Chain of Courage


Yes Hak.  That did just happen.

But man, did I feel for the guy this episode.  Not only was she off with on her own with a pervert, but she also volunteered to disguise herself as one of the women to be sold in this human trafficking operation Kumji’s got set up.  But you know Hak can’t just sit back and not say anything:


Personally, that’s convincing enough for me.  But Yona’s determined, especially after seeing how the people are suffering.  I applaud her for not backing down, and even he admits that he’s interested in this new side of her that he hasn’t seen before.


But the good news is, she’s not alone:


The bishounen becomes a bishoujo in order to accompany his good friend (and of course because there needs to be someone there to deal with gunpowder).  Seriously though, am I the only one who feels slightly miffed when these cute guys look better as a woman than I do?  Like 99% of me is like “Awww, so cute” but that 1% is just like “Damn you!  Why can’t I look that good?!”  No?  No one else?  I’ll shut up…


Getting in was easy, now let’s just hope their plan succeeds.

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