E7: God’s Will


Oh Yona…


Yun helps Yona realize how little she knew about what went on in the castle, despite having lived in it for so long.  One of her strong points is that she’s willing to learn, and so she asks Yun to tell her more about the priests.  They were kicked out of the castle by Yu-Hong, Su-Won’s father because he felt they were a threat to the king’s power.  


Though Yona was told to go there so the priest could show her her path, she has already decided her own path.  She wants to live.  However, Ik-su says it won’t be so easy to live on her own (and with the severely injured Hak).  He encourages her to find the four dragon warriors.  


Hak is skeptical, but he continues to support Yona.  I can’t wait to see her in action once she learns to wield a bow and arrow.  I’m also curious as to what the dragon warriors will be like.

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