E21: Spark


I absolutely love this look she’s giving him.  Doesn’t it just scream “You are worse than the dirt beneath my feet, go die!” ?  Obviously, I thought the title was just referring to the firework, but I think there’s also a “spark” in Yona that’s ready to just turn into a blazing fire at any moment, and it really shows here.


But Yun has to be MVP this episode.  I mean he took some serious beatings to save Yona’s neck, which he admits is not something he would’ve done in the past.  He’s matured a lot since then, and I applaud him for being able to think on his feet in these dangerous situations.  No wonder Hak and the others have so much faith in him. 


Sinha is hilarious.  He just kind of takes one of Hak’s leftovers and finishes him off with the end of his weapon.  I really want him to get more screen time, I just love him so much it’s almost a little bit unhealthy….


The good news is they managed to launch the firework, and Sinha saw it.  The bad news is we have to wait a week to find out what happens next!  

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