E3: Adding Insult to Injury


So the idol/famous makeup artist Ruri, aka the serial killer Hollywood, is rescued by Yuhei after being severely injured by his older brother Shizuo.  She was treated by Shinra (who happens to be a big fan) but he leaves to treat Egor:


Egor, who mistakes Shinra for his father Shingen, was found by Izaya’s two strange younger sisters Mairu and Kururi. They also happened to stumble upon the money that Celty lost, and they use it to pay Shinra – Celty’s significant other- for Egor’s medical fees.  


While wandering around, the sisters get hassled by a bunch of no good thugs who are after Celty and the ginormous bounty on her head.  Fortunately, Kadota, Walker and Erika come to their aid.  Coincidentally, Erika and Walker have agreed to help Mikado and Anri show around their new friend Kuronuma – who had earlier helped out the sisters and has invited them to hang out.  


Unfortunately, while with Anri and Kuronuma, Mikado is approached by members of the yellow scarves who recognize him from when they got their butts kicked by Kadota.


Celty manages to get Ruri back to her house, and like Shinra, decides not to charge for her services. 

Talk about a tangled web…

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