E4: When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do


Okay, Kadota is seriously boss.  He just rolls up in the van with sweet little Miyuki on the side, doesn’t ask questions, doesn’t say anything, just KOs two of the guys harassing Mikado, gets them in the van and drives away, punching the third out the driver’s window.  Those are the best kind of friends to have.


Celty….it’s a bit too late for that….


When Celty and Shinra have everyone over at their place, I realize what a bunch of weirdos they all are…and then I realize, that’s pretty much me and my friends (you know who you are and you know what I mean, and you know I love you guys even if I almost never answer my emails…)


You can’t tell me it wasn’t a little cute that Izaya felt a little sore about being left out.


I’m not all that fond of Izaya, but for some reason the fact that this Kuronuma kid thinks he can take him on kind of irks me…actually, I just don’t really like/trust this guy in general.  But we’ll see how far this goes. 

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