E6: A Crow in the Dark Night


Can we just talk about this?  Nights?!  Sega Saturn!!?  MY CHILDHOOD?!?!?  (Well, part of it anyway…) 


Who says anime can’t be educational?  But for someone so well-informed, she sure didn’t do her research on Celty….


It’s bad enough that she’s a runaway kid, but now we discover she’s the runaway granddaughter of a yakuza boss.  Seriously, in a city like this you think even normal people would keep a closer eye on their kids.  Either she managed to escape her bodyguards or she’s so dangerous that she is her own bodyguard.


I don’t think even a double facepalm could accurately express how I felt at this moment.  But if people didn’t make stupid decisions, it wouldn’t be as entertaining for the rest of us, now would it? *grabs a handful of popcorn*

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