E5: Don’t Compare Me to the Girls in Carrier Group Five!


Mobile Unit Five gets off to a very rocky start.  Seriously, it’s like the first day of middle/high school.   You have the people who have formed an unbreakable clique that won’t be accepting new members any time soon, the people who have seemingly irreconcilable differences, the people who want to get to know everyone and the people who are really shy and just want to find a nice corner away from all the insanity.  I can’t blame Fubuki for not being too psyched about this at first. 


But desperate times call for desperate measures, so I think Akagi was correct in assuming that this was to prepare them for Operation FS.  This just makes me even more curious about the admiral though.  


I pretty much saw that one coming.  Hopefully what she’s lacking in fighting skill, she can make up for in leadership skill.  After all, she did basically keep them from disbanding and getting killed in battle.  That’s already a good start, I think…

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