E9: Second Remodel-Poi?!


Of all the girls, I didn’t expect Yuudachi to get remodeled, but I like this new look. 


It’s one thing that Fubuki worked so hard and then Yuudachi was remodeled first. But on top of that, Yuudachi was moved to the main fleet where she would be able to fight alongside Akagi, who Fubuki basically worships.  And on top of that, her unit gets disbanded, and she gets ordered to go back to the Naval District.  She had every reason to be upset. 


It turns out, Yuudachi had been working hard because she was inspired by Fubuki, which I thought was sweet.   


The Naval District was attacked and the Admiral is missing but he left behind a book containing his orders…one of which is to have Fubuki remodeled?!  This I can’t wait to see!

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