E1: Shiroe of the Northern Lands


You gotta love Marielle.

There are a lot of things coming back for a second season right now, and this was one of the ones I was looking forward to.  I was certainly not disappointed!

Of course, my favorite villain in glasses has returned, but it seems that the Round Table has run into some financial trouble and needs a little bit of aid.


Although it seems like not all of that money is necessary for the Round Table.  I wonder if part of it is going towards something for the Plant Hwyaden guild running a dictatorship going on in the South.

In any case, he decides to turn to Kinjou from the Kunie Clan for help.  Shiroe suspects that the gold adventurers gain from monsters comes from the Kunie Clan, and wants Kinjou’s permission to obtain it from the golden whirlpool.  Kinjou says his answer will depend upon whether or not Shiroe and the others can clear the raid zone in the Depths of Palm. 

But apparently:



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