E2: The Outlaw and Mythril Eyes


Shiroe decides to ask William and his guild, Silver Sword, for help with the raid.  William agrees, but he also lets Shiroe know that constantly being defeated and dying has significantly affected his guild’s morale.  I’m not much of a gamer, but that is one of the most frustrating aspects.  If I die too many times, I get discouraged really fast.  That’s why when I game, I don’t skip battles, and I spend 75% of my playing time leveling up…clearly I’m bad at this.  

Anyway, since Dummykas and his guild now work for the Silver Sword, he’s forced to accompany Shiroe in this raid.


I love how bored Shiroe looks right here.  Priceless.

Naotsugu and Regan found Tetra, who seems powerful but also much too full of herself.


There’s nothing less cute than a girl who constantly feels the need to tell you how cute she is and how much you should love her for it.  But I want to see how she does in battle before I judge her too much.


It seems her relationship with Naotsugu has definitely been progressing smoothly.  I approve.


Poor Akatsuki has been left behind to care for Princess Lenessia. Since she’s never done a raid, she can only obtain weapons by buying them,and of course the good ones cost a fortune.  I’m guessing she gets attacked trying to defend Lenessia then.


And Shiroe dying is probably Dummykas’s fault.  I guess we’ll find out. 

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