E3: The Abyssal Shaft


The raid begins, and the first raid boss is an old boss with new tricks.  They face Vendemiaire multiple times to learn its strengths and weaknesses.  And that’s just for one boss.  I understand why some raids can take more than a month. But after finding two bosses, they haven’t found another and they’re running low on supplies.


Luckily, the man with the plan brought twenty days worth of supplies with him.  This surprises William since he knows Log Horizon is a fairly small guild.  But he’s starting to question whether or not it was right to just jump at Shiroe’s offer, especially when he has so many people depending on him.


Demicrass is still not over the fact that he got his butt handed to him by Shiroe.  He’s mostly angry because he feels like Shiroe beat him just by standing in the back giving orders and not actually doing any fighting.  His pride is wounded even further by the fact that Shiroe saved him in the last battle.  Whatever issues he’s having, he needs to put them behind him, because his teamwork sucks and it could end up costing everyone in the end.


Naotsugu knows that Shiroe is having a hard time dealing with all this stress, but that he’s doing it for the sake of everyone back in Akihabara.


Speaking of which, everyone back home is preparing for Christmas.  They start talking about Teachings, a new rank for skills which is apparently higher than all other ranks.  According to Shiroe it exists, so he either has it or knows someone who does.  Who knows, someone may acquire it during the raid. After hearing that you can get a Secret rank by participating in raids, it makes Akatsuki want to be in one that much more.


Who is this guy?  Is he planning to attack while Shiroe is out?  Is he the reason Akatsuki ends up dying?  Guess we’ll find out.

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