E4: Shattered Wings


Akatsuki is the main focus of this episode.  She really wants to become stronger so that she can be of more use to Shiroe.  She thinks she got left behind because she’s weak, and I just think that shows that her insecurities are really eating at her.  


Henrietta has a point.  Akatsuki, at least imo, already has a lot of skills, but I think more than anything she needs confidence.  But I have to admit, I do like seeing her vulnerable side.


Lenessia is also struggling.  When she said this, my initial thought was that she didn’t trust the adventurers, but later on it’s revealed that she just doesn’t really feel like she’s good enough to hang out with them because she’s just an NPC.  I think this definitely added some depth to her character, so I’m interested to see where things go from here, especially once Crusty gets back.  


Just what is Shiroe having them work on?  Also, why is it always a ramen stand?




The creepy guy that showed up at the end of the last episode returns.  He runs into the second captain of the West Wind Brigade and it doesn’t go so well for her…


Just who is he and what is he after?  

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