E5: Christmas Eve


I think Nyanta brings up a good point this episode.  One of the major differences between People of the Land and adventurers is that the adventurers are revived after they are killed.  Since people don’t know that you are possibly losing your memories each time you die, not many people are concerned enough about it.  But it’s about even more than that, imo.  When you stop caring about your life, and start treating it as something you can just easily toss away, I think you kind of lose a bit of your humanity.  Though these characters are trapped in a game, they are still human on some level (well, idk about Nyanta, but the others are).


Souji has definitely not forgotten how precious life is, and he is livid at this murderer for killing one of his own.  It’s always scary when the nice ones get angry…


To make matters worse, Lenessia finds out that the murderer is one of the People of the Land who stole a Royal Guard armor (specifically designed on a level far above adventurers, mind you).  Things aren’t exactly great between the PoL and the adventurers as is, this would just strain the relationship even further.  Kinjou says he’s embarrassed to know that a member of his own clan, the Kunie Clan, is responsible for this and he comes to apologize.  I don’t want to think he’s in on it, but I do find it strange that this guy shows up just as Shiroe happens to be away.  I wonder if he’s testing the adventurers?  Who knows….


Souji and Akatsuki face off against the murderer, but of course he’s too powerful. Souji gives her a hint on how to obtain the Teachings rank for skills.  But it’s a little late….


That’s one messed up Santa…

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