E6: A Lost Child at Dawn


Since both Akatsuki and Shiroe died, they had to give up a part of their memories.  Well, at least we saw that happen with Akatsuki.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Shiroe managed to somehow keep his, but that’s just a theory.


After coming back, Akatsuki realizes that she needs to put more faith in the people around her.  Rather than trying to do things alone, she and Lenessia ask the others for help.  Rieze is willing to share with Akatsuki the 8 Teachings that the D.D.D. is aware of.  Hopefully Shiroe will learn to trust those around him more as well.


There are some interesting things going on within the game itself.  First, people who play as the opposite sex in the game will find their voice becoming more like the sex they’re playing as.  So if you are a guy playing as a girl, your voice will get more feminine.

Second, the distance between any two points is increasing, meaning Yamato is getting larger.

Third, some of the flavor text is starting to have real influence on the game.  And boy do we get a freaky example of that:


What does this all mean?

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