E7: The Maidens of Watermaple


Now that flavor text is coming true, they’ve figured out why the murderer has been attacking people.  The flavor text of his sword, Byakumaru, says that it contains the rage of the hero Rugrius who was betrayed by the Daughter of Elm.  Now he’s out to get her and the adventurers. 


Meanwhile, everyone’s cheering on Akatsuki as she tries to learn the Teachings.  Unfortunately, they’re not really easy to pass on, so she’s at a bit of a disadvantage.  But she’s trying her best anyway, and I admire her for doing so.


Lenessia also has a tough decision to make.  If she cuts off the power to the large magic circle, it will stop the movable armor. But it would also leave the town defenseless, allowing monsters to swarm.  Plus it would take decades to turn it back on.  But in the end she’s determined to fight alongside her friends.


Marielle and Akatsuki are the lucky ones that run into him.  Though Akatsuki hasn’t learned any of the Teachings, maybe she’ll figure them out during this battle?  We’ll see.

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