E11: Retry


Yeah, man, get on with it. 

It kind of reminds me of Yu Yu Hakusho and how Yusuke’s parents met…


Anyway, Shiroe decided to be more open with the team, and they have a strategy that seems to be working. Of course, nothing can go that smoothly.  It turns out that Luseat is dealing damage to himself in order to create more of the Shadow Vanguard.  I don’t know how games like this usually go, but that just seems extremely unfair and insane. 


So Demikas and Shiroe end up kiting the Shadow Guard so the others can handle the bosses.  It’s funny though because here it literally looks like he’s using Shiroe as a kite.  


They finally admit their extremely obvious feelings towards one another!  *sigh* Their bromance has progressed beautifully, don’t you think?  But for all his talk, Demikas has just dropped Shiroe in front of the goal. 


Once inside Shiroe finds all the money he could ever need….and of course Kinjou was there waiting for him.  Shiroe managed to finally be up front about his goals with his teammates, but will things go as well with Kinjou?     

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