E8: Akihabara Raid


Akatsuki finally learns her own Teaching Skill “Shadow Lurk.”  She realized that instead of searching for strength outside of herself, she needed to look into herself. 


But it doesn’t hurt to have a nice weapon too.  Tatara altered what used to be the Screaming Sword Hanagemushi into Hanagemushi Tatara.  Since flavor text has been coming true, she changed it to suit Akatsuki specifically.  I thought it was an appropriate reward for all of Akatsuki’s hard work.


Lenessia decides to cut off the power to the magic circle in order to help the adventurers.  Kinjou agrees, and together they help the others take down Rugrius.  


I think Akatsuki did very well for her first raid.  


Shiroe breaks his own rules to congratulate her on her success.  It was nice to see Akatsuki get some development, but I have to say I’ve been curious as to how things have been going on Shiroe’s end so I am excited for next week!   

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