E21: The Skylarks Take Flight


I don’t think Naotsugu’s overthinking it at all.  I agree that it could be a problem if people start to get like this again, especially if a war really does break out between People of the Land or between Adventurers or both.


To make matters worse, now that the barrier’s down, strange things like this can get into town. 


…You’re not supposed to do that to someone else’s handkerchief…

Still, I’m glad that even though some People of the Land weren’t too fond of the Adventurers, Isuzu’s song seems to have made a good impression. 


I’ll admit, I’m curious to see what’s in Roe 2’s letter to Shiroe.  But for me, the real mystery, as always, is:


WHERE THE FRICK IS THIS GUY?!  Seriously, he’s been missing for 15 episodes now!  And the fact that they keep just casually mentioning him just makes me even angrier!  At this rate, we may never know…

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