E10: Aogiri


Lol, I guess Banjo wasn’t as big of a threat as I thought he was.  If Rize had people like him caring about her, then maybe she wasn’t all that terrible.  Too bad that his warning came a little late.


These Aogiri Tree people are no joke.  Not only did they take down the 11th ward branch, but they have guys like this.  Jason is the definition of sadistic. He wouldn’t have stopped if Nico hadn’t stepped in. I can’t help but wonder what Rize did, if anything, to make him hate her so much.


I’m also interested in this Suzuya character.  Anyone who smiles like that is usually someone you don’t want to mess with.  Where did he get those scars?  And who is this “Mama” he’s talking about?


Finally, Amon starts to dwell on Kaneki.  Although, I wonder who the guy in his flashback is.  I’m also curious as to which quinque he’ll choose…it’s so messed up.  All I can think of is Hinami’s parents.  


I was a bit surprised that Nishiki was so upset when Yoshimura suggested that they may never see Kaneki again.  As he said, he does owe him one for that incident with Kimi, but I think that somewhere deep down he also cares about him.  Speaking of which, Tsukiyama shows up as an ally now?!


I don’t know if I would be able to trust a guy who practically gets off on the smell of Kaneki’s blood….but they’ll need all the help they can get if they plan to rescue Kaneki.

Also, apparently the manga will be ending soon:  Tokyo Ghoul Manga Concludes. I’m not sure what this means for the anime, but I would definitely love to see more of this.

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