E11: High Spirits


Were his nails…always that color? 

Seriously though, I was glad they did not show whatever Jason is doing to him.  I don’t want to see it.  This alone is breaking me. 


From the last episode I thought that Jason was born this way, but apparently not. 


Some sick bastards are created by other sick bastards. While I’m at it, who is responsible for this one?


I knew he was insane…

Hopefully Kaneki’s alternate personality doesn’t turn out like Jason.


Though we almost never see Kaneki’s face the entire episode (which made it even more worrying), we have seen the white-haired version of him in the opening, so this isn’t that big of a surprise. 


I think it was interesting to see Touka on the receiving end of revenge.  This really shows how similar ghouls and humans are, and I think she is realizing this.  That being sad, Amon is letting his emotions get the better of him here, and I’m glad he was interrupted.  But now Touka has a bigger problem on her hands…


Speaking of problems…


Is that Yoshimura?

Also, in case you haven’t heard, we are getting a season 2 in January!



I still have yet to read the manga, but from what I’ve heard/read in the comments (beware, there are spoilers there too), the anime doesn’t seem to be following it properly.  I have no idea if the second season will do it better, but I would think that since the source material has finished, there’s no reason not to follow it.  Although, they could just end up doing what they did with FMA and Sailor Moon and do a remake that is closer to the manga, but we’ll see.

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