E8: Circular


This was a really good episode with lots of frustration.  The entire time Amon was going on and on about his co-worker, I just kept thinking “You did the exact same thing!”  and of course Kaneki and Touka are thinking about Ryoko.  It was good to see the same story on both ends but neither of them really seem to understand that they are exactly the same.  I was sad that Kaneki couldn’t do anything about it, but I hope that Amon realizes that not all ghouls are bad.  Also, love how Yomo’s just like “Here, eat this,” like nothing happened.  

I think what makes this entire situation so frustrating to watch is the fact that this kind of thing happens irl.  There are people who are alike in so many ways but only focus on the differences.  This same theme has also come up in the more recent episodes of Shippuden and how we can’t all seem to “open our guts to each other.”  But I don’t think that’s the only problem.  I think even if we could show each other our hearts, there are many people who are so wrapped up in their own problems that they don’t want to try to acknowledge anyone else’s.  But I digress.

I really liked the fact that Hinami wasn’t focused on revenge.  She got to the bottom of it: she’s lonely.  The fact that she could understand that but these two adult human men (and teenage ghoul girl) could not made this all the more sad.  I couldn’t feel sorry for Mado though.  I’ve hated him for too long.  But I wonder if Touka knew something about that ring?  Although, now Wikipedia has ruined that mystery for me…I read it on accident.  Anyway, I wonder what the investigators’ next move will be. I think I might read this eventually.   

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