E9: Birdcage


That terrifying moment when you realize your idiot friend might actually be smart.

I don’t know if Hide knows about Kaneki, but he definitely seems to know much more about ghouls than he lets on.  

I still can’t bring myself to feel sorry for Mado, even after getting a little more of Amon’s past.  Though, I think I can relate to Amon, in the sense that I have had people who have taught me and helped me grow.  I think losing any of them would definitely be a painful experience…and make me all the more angry at the people responsible.  Amon’s still thinking back and swearing he would’ve killed Touka, but he seems to conveniently forget that he’s only alive because of a ghoul’s (well, half-ghoul’s) kindness.  And the fact that he’s been sent to the 11th ward worries me, especially if Kaneki plans to go there to find out more about Rize.

Speaking of which, just what the heck did that woman do in the 11th ward to have these people come after her?  It seems like they don’t know she’s dead, but if they do know, or if they find out she’s inside of Kaneki, he’s going to be in a heap of trouble.  He’s not safe in either ward.

Touka has been thinking a lot about family lately, so if she ends up having to battle her younger brother Ayato in order to protect Kaneki, that could be a really difficult battle for her.  But he said his objective was to “secure” Rize, not kill her.  What do they want her for?   And why are they only just now coming for her? 

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