E12: Ghoul


I love this effect so much.  Yeah, it obviously represents Kaneki being taken over by Rize, but you can’t tell me that it isn’t sort of beautiful in its own strange way.

Anyway, this episode was all about the internal conflict.  We finally get to know more about Kaneki, and what a hardworking person his mother was.  I think the thing that strikes me most about his mother was that she allowed her sister to take advantage of her kindness.  I think we’ve all been in a situation where we know a person isn’t exactly as great as a friend/relative as they could be but we keep being nice to them anyway…but there are probably people like Kaneki’s mother who don’t draw the line.  But honestly, I kind of admire her for it.  I can see where Kaneki got his kindness, and I want him to stay like that but at the same time, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy him embracing his inner ghoul and ripping Jason a new one.


But I’ve noticed a theme in this show is that everything that goes around comes around.  Mado killed Hinami’s mother, Touka killed Mado.  Touka got revenge for Mado breaking up a family by breaking up his family, and Amon sought revenge against her. Jason was tortured, Jason tortured, and now he’s again being tortured.  Karma doesn’t care if you’re human or ghoul.  

But now we’re left with so many questions.  And a season two was listed and then delisted, so I have no clue what’s going on.  I will definitely read this when I get the time though.  This was definitely at the top of my list this season. 

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