E2 – Raids

It’s amazing how everyone’s mood changed when they found out she’s an Integrity Knight. But I think that just shows how loyal these people are to the laws and the hierarchy in place. Also, I’m guessing that her father has a responsibility as the village head to keep criminals out and obey commands from the higher ups. If she ever does return to the village as just herself, I hope he treats her properly.

I’m glad Alice was able to get back on her feet so quickly. I was thinking she might hesitate for much longer, but I think situations like this often push characters to action. That works out for me as a viewer because I understand that characters need development but it’s difficult watching them struggle for like 5+ episodes to get to where they need to be.

I know this is about Alice, but can we just acknowledge Amayori for 5 seconds? This dragon burns a huge horde of goblins to nothing in one scene, but then lets a bird perch on it in the next? I approve.

I love it when Asuna gets bold! She even lifts him off the ground a bit! But to me, having her turn around and apologize for overreacting kind of kills this moment or decreases the significance of it. Kirito could’ve been killed, and his life is still in jeopardy. I’m sure somewhere in the long list of terms and agreements Kirito had to sign to be a part of this project it probably said, “Hey, this technology is experimental and there’s a chance you could be stuck in Underworld forever or die, etc. etc.” However, usually, if you have a live human being as your test subject, you do everything in your power to minimize the risk of injury and/or death. So Asuna shouldn’t be sorry about anything, because Kikuoka is fully responsible for anything that happens to Kirito.

I want to see her go into Underworld and save Kirito. Asuna was given her moments in a few arcs of the SAO series, but I feel like they’ve laid the base to do something more with her now. Kirito has always been the one to save the day, and now he needs saving. You’ve got Alice in the Underworld, and that’s great. But Asuna has been here from the beginning. I want them to let her have the spotlight, to have her show off her skills, and to show that she too is a strong character. Yes, we did have the Mother’s Rosario arc, but I want more for Asuna. More.

I realize that not all blonde-haired blue-eyed people are related. However, I do have to wonder if this guy has a special connection to Alice.

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