E2 – The Red That Is

This is usually the part where the shy character goes “Oh no, I’m not that great at karuta.” So hearing Wataya say this makes you realize that he has faith in his own skills that he’s worked so hard to hone. The only thing I would have this much confidence in is my knowledge of Sailor Moon classic, and even there I am lacking.

We knew Chihaya wasn’t going to find his glasses, but I didn’t expect her to come take his place. Part of me really wanted Wataya to find a way to beat Taichi, but this was just as good. After all, this was the beginning of Chihaya finding her passion for karuta. Also, am I the only one who thinks her outfit is adorable?!?!

The thing I like about Taichi is that he’s not actually a jerk. You could tell several times that even after taking Wataya’s glasses, he felt bad about it. It’s just that he was so jealous of Wataya for keeping Chihaya’s attention and he wanted to do anything he could to make her look at him. So while I did get mad at him for being such a jerk, I also started to feel a little sorry because in the back of my head I knew he just wanted her to notice. But for him to admit to Wataya that he stole them really gives dimension to his character and makes him feel more real.

That said, yeah, he really is a coward. I really enjoy Wataya so far because he seemed like the timid type, but he’s really a lot like Chihaya. He’ll give it to you straight. He doesn’t completely fit in the typical “I’m too shy to express myself properly box” and he doesn’t completely fit in the “I’m quiet and way too cool for you” box. He’s just the right level of reserved but assertive, and that’s amazing for someone his age. While these flashbacks are quite telling, I’m wondering when we’re going to get back to the present?

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