E3 – From the Crystal White Snow

I imagine that since everyone played karuta where he grew up that it also served as a form of socializing for him. When Chihaya visited him at home, his mother seemed surprised that he had anyone over. And after the match in the last episode he was in the classroom alone practicing. It wasn’t by choice though, it was simply because he didn’t have people to share his passion with. So him asking Chihaya and Wataya to participate with him and even forming a plan is so wholesome and pure!

Also, maybe it’s because they’re playing as a team of three, but is anyone else getting Hikaru no Go vibes? No? Just me? Okay.

It kind of sucks to have to learn these things when you’re young, but the whole “together forever” thing almost never happens. This is especially true when you transition from one level of education to the next. But finding that out doesn’t make dealing with it any easier, especially when those bonds are strong.

Real friends make your name their team name.

It’s good that she realized that it’s not just about her. Like the Doctor said, Taichi must’ve studied hard to get into that school. And Wataya’s grandfather was part of the reason they became friends in the first place. Also, a cerebral hemorrhage is pretty freaking serious and something that’s out of their control. So instead of running away, she should spend as much time with them as she can.

Also, can we just appreciate how close Taichi and Wataya have grown? Taichi has been legitimately concerned for Wataya and his grandfather. They both really wanted to cheer Chihaya up and win the karuta tournament. Even though they still kind of can’t stand each other, I think it’s turning into a beautiful friendship.

I mean, if they all keep playing and entering tournaments they probably would run into each other. While watching Haikyuu!! there were several times where Karasuno members played against old teammates in their volleyball matches, so it’s possible.

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