E3 – The Final Load Test

I hate to admit it, but this guy is intelligent with good leadership skills. And he’s skilled at combat. Which means he and his team are going to be a real pain in the neck. Also, why does SAO have this habit of bringing back obscure characters as main antagonists?!

I’m getting fidgety. I can’t wait!!!

That’s gotta be one of the creepiest nightmares to have. But it’s weird that she’s having these precognitive dreams. Is it a side effect of her diving so much or is it just intuition? Either way, I hope she looks into it or mentions it to someone who can.

The enemy wants to have peace negotiations?!?!!? Thank goodness there are people with good heads on their shoulders in the Dark Territory! But wait…

How are they going to deal with these guys who just showed up?!

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