E4 – A Whirlwind of Flower Petals Descends

Okay, now I really am getting Hikaru no Go vibes from this. The system seems pretty similar. I remember reading about people being in Class B for years and then finally having to give up because they just weren’t getting anywhere. It’s got to be frustrating to dedicate so much of your time to something and then stagnate because your opponents are too strong, or you get nervous or the game just doesn’t work out in your favor. And this is true for not only sports, but also for professions. There are bands that are around for years or actors that work for years and still don’t ever rise to the level of success they hoped for.

Godiva chocolates are good but yeah, they cost a pretty penny. Poor Taichi. He’s probably never even bought his girlfriend these types of chocolates, but here he is getting them for Chihaya.

It’s funny. For the past few episodes, it was the Chihaya card because of what Wataya said. But now, it’s the Chihaya card because it’s the one that she won’t lose to anyone.

It’s interesting that Taichi and Chihaya got into karuta because of Wataya, but now he’s stopped. It’s like finally getting into your friend’s favorite band, but then they don’t listen to that band anymore. Meanwhile, you’re buying more and more of their merch and pre-ordering all of their albums…not that I’m speaking from experience or anything. But people change a lot, especially during their school years. And just as Taichi hit a wall with karuta, I wouldn’t be surprised if Wataya also got to that point. And with his grandfather being sick, who knows how his life’s been since they all graduated. But I would really like to see the three of them play again.

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