E4 – Dark Territory

Cool, would you like fries with that?

Vixur and his crew aside, how would anyone else be okay with this? This “Emperor” who has never shown up before suddenly comes in and is like “Hey, let me rule you. First order of business, burn everything to the ground because I said so.” And no one else cares? How mindless can you be?

That said, you have to give it to Gabriel. If you tossed me into a virtual world I knew next to nothing about and said, “Get these evil beings who could kill you at any moment to dance in the palm of your hand in five minutes. GO!” I would…not be successful. His ability to adapt and improvise is pretty impressive. Again, not someone I would want to have to go up against.

Scenes like this are already awkward, but SAO has been taking the violence to a new level. As a viewer, I can’t say I enjoy it…but it has the right effect. Having watched so many anime, it gets easier to say “Oh, yeah, he just did that. That just happened. Nothing new.” You get sort of desensitized. But this scene, and the previous rape scene in the first half made me physically uncomfortable, to the point where I wanted to avert my eyes and wait for it to be over.

I’m guessing Alice was based off of Alicia? And damn, he did all of that to his own friend at such a young age…how would you even explain that to the parents?

What…does that even mean? I guess we’ll find out later. Either way, there’s no one in the Dark Territory left who would oppose him after this massive display of power. But it pisses me off, because I feel like it would’ve been more interesting to keep those characters. Not that they wouldn’t have been found out eventually, but if Vixur had been able to at least warn Bercouli or something….it just felt like such a waste. But they definitely served their purpose in giving us more insight to Gabriel.

I feel like I should hug people after they watch this episode. No one came out of this unscathed.

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