E1: The Greatest Kingdom

Can we talk about how much my baby Weiss has grown up?! A few volumes ago, she was the one saying stuff like him and now she’s the first one to dump this rude jerk in the trash! I’m so proud, you don’t even know!

God bless Pietro with his spiffy pink tie and his shoes that make you dance. But he definitely lives up to his name since he’s the one who adjusts Maria’s eyes and also made Yang’s arm?!!?!? I’m guessing he’s responsible for Ironwood’s as well?

It’s the first episode of the season, so I didn’t expect any fighting. But I forgot, this is RWBY, so of course we’re going to get some action! I definitely want to see Oscar do more, so I’m glad he got some of the spotlight this time. I’m a bit concerned though, because how much longer is he going to be able to be himself? Oz hasn’t come out for a while, but he won’t be able to stay out of it forever since he plays a large role in this entire conflict. That’s why I want to see as much as I can of Oscar now before Oz comes back to the front.

I’m not crying. I’m just…sweating….through my eyes. This is the best thing ever! Also, look at how frickin adorable she is!!! Look at that outfit!!! Look at her hair!!! I want to hug her! I’m so glad she’s back! I’m a bit upset that their reunion was cut short, but I look forward to seeing more of her later. I’m just so glad she’s back!

There are two things I keep forgetting about. One is that the lamp attracts Grimm. The other is that Qrow’s semblance is bad luck. So…it shouldn’t be so surprising that they end up here. Also, they did kinda sorta steal a ship so…

IS THIS MY BABY JAUNE?! MY SON?!?! Omg, look at that haircut! Look at those eyes! Look at that tenacity! I can, but I also just CAN’T!

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