E2: A New Approach

The thing I’ve always admired about Winter is that she genuinely cares about Weiss. When we first met her, I thought that being part of the Atlas military she might be strict and cold-hearted. Well, she is strict, but not in a bad way. She wasn’t mad at Weiss for stealing, but for endangering herself. I can see why Weiss looks up to her, and I like their relationship. I don’t have an older sister, but if I did, I’d want her to be similar to Winter in some ways.

Since we’ve been following this story from Volume 1, I keep forgetting that Oscar was just plucked out of his ordinary life and dragged into all of this. He wasn’t at the fall of Beacon, and even though he has Oz’s knowledge, he has probably the least amount of battle experience and general life experience. He’s doing well for someone just coming into this overwhelming destiny, but of course it must be awkward for him. So many people look to Ozpin for guidance, and with him gone, Oscar just has to be like “Nope, sorry, I’m just Oscar.” And Oscar must feel a little lost too with Ozpin just up and leaving.

That said, I was really hoping this would be the moment when Ozpin would jump out and say, “James, wtf?!” I mean, he was at the party when Weiss exploded at people’s ignorance. There’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that these people are going to accept the existence of Salem. But let’s say that the people of Atlas have faith in Ironwood and eventually come to accept his words. How the fuck is he going to convince everyone around the world to accept it? The Council will absolutely go nuts, probably kick him out…and everything will descend into chaos. It’s like Qrow said, Ozpin spent all his lives not telling anyone for a reason. And James still doesn’t even know the half of it!

But at the same time, he has a point. The fall of Beacon happened because no one knew what was going on. Cinder was able to incite distrust in seconds just by revealing Penny’s true identity. If this knowledge were shared with the public, then people could come together to find a solution. And that’s better than getting wiped out without ever knowing what was even going on in the first place. Plus, there are sayings like “Knowledge is power” and “Knowing is half the battle” and one of the relics represents Knowledge so clearly having it is important.

I wasn’t surprised at Ruby for withholding information from Ironwood. Both she and Qrow have been skeptical throughout the briefing. I think Ironwood sensed that, and respects that. He was with Ozpin for a long time, so he’s probably learned not to pry and to have faith in people he trusts. Though personally, I wouldn’t want an object that attracts Grimm sitting in my desk drawer, just saying…

Omg, that’s so adorable!

Bromance! Lol, Qrow just doesn’t know what to do with that. The fujoshi in me just wants to scream “OMG, QROW LOOKS SO UKE! I CAN’T!” I don’t ship them but…if you know any good fanfics…maybe drop a link?

I’m with Tyrian. I’m pretty sure they’ll get recognized. Even if the cameras don’t catch them, there’s got to be at least one person who will know them. Someone like, Idk, Penny’s dad?!? James was so worried about letting Salem into Atlas, and now these two are right under his feet. I hope someone notices that blood…

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