E5: The Night Before the Battle

It’s pretty amazing that even though his mind is lost he’s still able to defend. Even Alice barely saw what happened.

I’m glad to see them doing well now, but this definitely had to be hard for them. Especially Tiese. At least Ronie can see Kirito, even though he’s in such a sad state. Tiese just has a broken sword. That’s all that’s left of Eugeo. I’m still salty about his death. I think his character complemented Kirito so well, and I felt like I could really relate to him. I was looking forward to seeing them develop together, and honestly I wanted Eugeo to somehow end up joining the main cast. But I’m just a fangirl so my wants and needs don’t really mean anything anyway, right?

I love the way that Kirito is able to influence others and help them change for the better, but his harem is already full, can we just stop now? Actually, when is Asuna gonna show up? It’s definitely time.

Poor Bercouli. At least he knows better than to get in the middle of them and makes a quick exit. He may be experienced in real battle, but he knows not to get mixed up in a catfight. He’s hilarious.

Alice keeps talking as if she’s not going to make it to the end. However, if she has as much strength as Lady Fanatio believes, she might be able to overcome anything. We’ll see how it plays out.

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