E3: Ace Operatives

I’ve been seeing mixed reviews about the new designs. Personally, I like them. I’ll admit that Blake’s didn’t turn out the way I had hoped in the animation, but you bet your ass I’m still cosplaying that. Also, now that RWBY’s scythe is available in the RT store, I might be out of excuses not to cosplay her… The official designs have been released as well. I’m so excited but also I know it’ll be a struggle.

I was actually more excited about JNR’s designs. I mean, I’m still not over Jaune’s new hair style, but LOOK AT NORA! She’s ANORABLE AF! How dare you not compliment her back Ren! Though, he’s right about focusing on the mission…

But what’s funny is that in an early volume we were watching team CFVY jump out of an airship and thinking “Wow, they’re so cool and hardcore!” But now RWBY and JNR are doing it, and it just shows how far they’ve come.

Oscar brought up a good point. Keeping things from Ironwood is a lot like what Oz did with them. I think after finding out what he was hiding though, she may have realized why it was best not to tell people. But there’s a lot to unpack here. First of all, Oz also put his trust in Leo, and look what happened there. Plus, Ironwood still has faith that they can defeat Salem. If he finds out everything that was kept from him, especially with his deep trust in Oz, he may come to feel as betrayed as Qrow felt. I think that Ruby is probably waiting to see what frame of mind Ironwood is actually in and then waiting for the right time to ease him into this overwhelming situation. At the same time, she is still inexperienced, so she’s probably also not sure what the right thing to do would be. I mean, if you were in her shoes with only the knowledge that she has, what would you do?

Some people have their suspicions about the Ace Ops not actually being good. I think most of them are good people, but their leader…rubs me the wrong way. Probably just because I don’t like the perfect hero types too much. But this scene stays in my head. At first I just thought the grimm managed to escape because it was old and experienced in battle. But the way he just barely missed it…I wonder if it was on purpose?

Personally, I think Qrow was pleasantly surprised here. He might have been thinking, wait, is there someone I can actually work with and not bring misfortune to? For his sake, I hope Clover really is a good guy. It’d be interesting to watch them fight together. I know his face turns kind of sullen after this and some people think he’s envious of Clover but…to me it felt more like he was telling himself not to get his hopes up. Qrow is wary of growing close to others because of his semblance, but what I like about him is that…you can tell he really cares for people. He’s not trying to be this mysterious bad ass lone wolf and pretend he hates people. It’s just he’s always been under the impression that because of his semblance he doesn’t have a choice. And I think the root of this way of thinking may have stemmed from being in Team STRQ, but I don’t know if they’ll ever go back and dive into that.

So according to Harriet, Ruby’s semblance may not be speed?! Then what is it?!?! Even Clover seems to recognize that she has amazing skill, and that’s coming from someone we just watched pull a grimm from its body all on his own. It’s pretty cool that we’re seven volumes in and we still have more to learn about the main character. Rather, she still has a lot to learn about herself.

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