E6: Battle of the Knights

Not much to say for this episode, so let’s jump in. This is an interesting concept. Not sure what exactly happened to Lady Fanatio’s opponent, but in the middle of glitching out it seems like he was able to take his fear and turn it back on her. It was one thing to see Alice and Eugeo beat the system on their own. But watching one character’s emotions have such a direct and physical influence on another, to the point where they can’t even move is just…fascinating. Not to mention, a real disadvantage. And he seemed to trigger this function by accident. Imagine if someone learned to do this on command.

Did he…did he just…did he just use his sword as an arrow?!?! Look, I’ve seen a lot of anime. Like a shamefully large amount of anime. I don’t recall anyone using their sword as an arrow…ever. If you guys come up with something, let me know, because this is new for me.

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