E4: Pomp and Circumstance

I was amazed to find out that the Ace Ops weren’t actually friends. When you have such good communication with each other that you barely need to speak, that’s usually the result of friendship, or at least so I thought. But then again, I imagine they spent a lot of time fighting together on missions and learning each other’s habits to the point where they can tell with just a look or a word. After all, if you think about it, we probably all can tell what our co-workers are thinking just by their facial expression or mannerisms if we’ve worked together long enough. But I keep my work life and private life separate, so I wouldn’t call my co-workers friends. And I damn sure wouldn’t put my life in the hands of people I don’t call friends. I mean, it’s a friend’s job to care about your well-being, but it’s a co-worker’s job to get the mission done, even if that means abandoning you. You’d have to be as incredible as they are just to survive, because when it comes down to it, only you could save yourself in a team like that.

Still, the fact that these teams are built in such a way that each member can effectively utilize their strengths without worrying about their weaknesses makes me wonder who organizes them?

Fucking Jacques. I just don’t know what to make of him. He’s mad because James’ embargo has put a strain on his profits. Then he gets upset that James didn’t bother to tell him that Weiss was back in Atlas. I mean, James already knows. I’m sure he’s heard plenty from Winter, but it’s obvious in the way he talks to her. And I’m not sure if he dotes on Weiss because she’s Winter’s sister or because he and Jacques used to be close, but I’m glad that he supports her. He was there for her when she lost control at that party, and again in this moment. He’s a way better father figure, and I appreciate that Weiss has an example of how she’s supposed to be treated. What’s funny is that, even though we’ve seen how terrifying Jacques can be towards Weiss, James doesn’t give a shit. He just listens to Jacques yap and yap, because he knows that until the election is over, he’s all bark and no bite.

Back to Jacques. This rude motherfucker. His mouth opens before the door does, he doesn’t even say hello, and he doesn’t even notice Weiss at first (granted, her appearance has changed significantly, but still). Notice, this entire conversation, he never says “Weiss.” He says “my daughter,” he says “girl,” he says “you,” and he doesn’t even pretend that he was worried about her. And when James stops him from possibly physically harming Weiss, he switches to that fake nice and emotionally manipulates her by bringing up her mom.

Luckily, Weiss has her family with her in the form of Team RWBY. And if no one else is going to appreciate that Blake held her hand, I fucking will. These two had the biggest argument volumes ago, and look at how much they’ve grown! I am so proud…even though I had absolutely nothing to do with their development, lol.

It’s about time they got their licenses! I’m glad that Qrow brings up that Ruby is acting differently from Oz. She’s still unsure about things, but there’s nothing wrong with being cautious and waiting for the right time. I wanted to hear more about Summer, but they’ll probably get back to her later.

Self-portrait. Narcissistic much?

I’m guessing Arthur will help Jacques get elected in exchange for favors. Whatever it is, having those two on the same side can’t be good.

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