E5: Sparks

Jaune, being popular with the ladies. I’m sorry, it just suits him too well. Nora’s right though, the haircut is working for him.

I was too excited to see Flynt and Neon resurface! I hope to see more of them in the future. Also, Neon is just too adorable and funny.

Yes! Please shower Qrow with the praise he deserves! I hope Clover’s positive views help him see that he’s not a nuisance but actually helpful to Ruby and her friends. Also, I just want to see more of Qrow’s “I don’t know how to deal with kindness” face. It’s too cute! Look at it! LOOK!

Also, just want to point out that Clover calls Ruby “one-of-a-kind.” It makes me wonder if he knows the meaning behind her silver eyes.

It seems like Clover and Robyn know each other quite well, especially if he’s wishing her luck in the election. I just hope that Jacques doesn’t do anything underhanded to her for his own gain. But diverting resources from Mantle is only making Ironwood look suspicious. Not to mention one of her most avid supporters was murdered. You can’t really blame her for trying to interfere when she has no idea what Ironwood has planned.

Okay, so about this…even if Winter stays around the current maiden…she’s pretty old. Which means in her lifetime she’s probably met many other women who mean much more to her than Winter do. There’s no guarantee that Winter will be the last one in her thoughts, even if she’s been isolated. I’m sure if she had a child or grandchildren, she’d be wondering about them constantly. And she knows how this works, so unless Ironwood has asked her to let Winter be her last memory…I don’t know, I assume they’ll explain later. Either way, if Winter does become the next maiden, things should go way smoother than they did with Pyrrha. Not to mention, she has military training on top of everything else, so she’d be a powerful asset in battle. But unfortunately, it would probably also put a huge target on her back. After what happened last time, I just can’t help but be scared. Remember kids, don’t get attached.

I wouldn’t be mad at Ironwood at this point, I’d be mad at Jacques. Even if Ironwood was responsible for the embargo, Jacques is directly responsible for shutting down his own operations. But of course, when people are pissed, it doesn’t really matter does it? *sigh* Man, he’s so annoying. And I’m betting this is part of Arthur’s plan.

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