Chihayafuru S1: E5-8

Me for all of episode 5. Lately all of the anime episodes I’ve been watching have been making me cry. I don’t know if it’s just because there have been so many emotional moments or if I’m just made of tears. It could be both.

I’m really enjoying this anime. I feel like I get so much content in such a small time frame while the pace still feels natural. Keep in mind, I mainly watch shounen. I think the closest things I have to compare this to are Hikaru no Go (I only read the manga) and Natsume’s Book of Friends. Both this and Natsume explore the complexities of emotions in such a way that it brings you closer to the characters. Even though I can’t completely identify with any single character (maybe Kana?), I’ve experienced situations similar to theirs and in that way I can connect with them. I especially appreciated E7, because it showed an entirely different side of Taichi and made me like him a lot more. I look forward to seeing more!

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