Otome Games on Sale for Switch

So Code Realize: Guardians of Rebirth, Code Realize: Future Blessings and Collar X Malice are on sale for $27.99 in the Nintendo eShop! They’re usually $39.99 so…take advantage! Funny thing is, by the time I found out about the sale, Future Blessings was already being shipped to me. But I got made sure to snag Collar X Malice! The only thing that’s kind of annoying that I didn’t notice before is that Nintendo eShop doesn’t have a shopping cart, so you have to make all of your purchases separately….

I’m finishing up Guardians of Rebirth now, but as of this post I would recommend it. I’ll probably talk about Future Blessings once I get into it. I watched 3 routes of Collar X Malice on YT, and I’ve seen a lot of recommendations for it, so I think it’ll be something I enjoy. I can’t solidly recommend it yet though.

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