Code: Realize Stream This Thursday!

So I finally finished Code: Realize Guardian of Rebirth some time ago, and I truly enjoyed it. I liked it so much so that I wanted to share my experience. However, there was one teeny tiny problem…I played this game on my Switch Lite. And if I’ve learned anything from my research on Google, it’s that streaming from this platform is a lot of work. But all is not lost…for Code: Realize is also available for the PS4.

So, now that the spooky season is almost upon us, I’m using it as an excuse to create more content! As such, I will playing through Van Helsing’s route on my Twitch channel every Thursday at 7pm EST for the entire month of October (*day and time are subject to change at any time, but I will try to notify you beforehand as best as I can). There will be audio commentary. I plan on narrating and voicing Cardia but we’ll see how much I can handle. I will *definitely* be squealing involuntarily, so I apologize in advance. If things go well, I might do Victor’s route in November.

If you can’t catch me at that day and time, don’t worry! The streams will be available for up to 2 weeks after they happen. So to recap:

Who: Cardia

What: Code: Realize Guardian of Rebirth [Van Helsing’s Route]

When: Thursdays at 7pm EST for all of October (*subject to change)

Where: My Twitch Channel

Why: Because vampires.

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