E1: Visitor from the Other World


Honestly, is the transfer student ever normal?

Anyway, Mikado City has been attacked by Neighbors for 4 years now, and is currently under the protection of an organization named Border.  At first, Mikumo suspects that Kuga is a Border Agent, but then dismisses that theory on the grounds that he seems too childish.  But he does know there is something strange about this aggressive, blunt 15-year-old boy.


As it turns out, Mikumo himself is a Border Agent:


Though he doesn’t seem to be very good at it.  So Kuga gives him a hand:


Though Kuga insists that neither he nor his father (from whom he obtained his Trigger) was ever part of Border, he does reveal an interesting detail:


He’s a neighbor, but his father was friends with someone in Border and he just saved a Border Agent.  What?

The only opinion I have so far is why would you give your opponents a name with such a…positive connotation?  I mean, honestly, when you say “neighbors” I automatically think “noisy nosy bastards next door” but I would think most other people would associate “neighbors” with “helpful people who live nearby.”  I guess it makes sense if they’re from the other side of the Gate (is it bad that I can’t say that without automatically thinking of FMA?), but still, where did this term come from?      

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