E10: Tamakoma Branch


I approve.

Jin takes Yuma and the others to the Tamakoma base, where they meet a few…interesting characters.  As Osamu points out repeatedly, it’s much different from the base he’s used to.  Everyone seems to have the same laid-back attitude as Jin.  


Unfortunately, the friend that Kuga’s dad directed him to passed away and is now Jin’s Black Trigger.  Having lost his father and now knowing Mogami is also dead, I feel sorry for him.  But Hughes- I mean, Rindo, feeling he owes a lot to Kuga’s father, offers to protect him if he joins their branch, but Kuga declines.


As Kuga explains to Jin (while Replica explains to Osamu), he and his father participated in the Neighbor wars together.  Everything was going well until the day Yugo died.  That’s when Kuga lost his mind and his hair turned white and then some guy told him to start collecting the remains so that- wait, wrong anime, nevermind.  😀  But seriously, I can’t stand these cliffhangers!!!  Definitely can’t wait for next week.

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