E11: Each One’s Determination


Can we talk about this creepy person/thing?  This is probably the assassin from the other country with the black trigger.  The black and red reminds me of how Kuga looks when he activates his trigger, but this person seems way different.  Maybe they had an awesome amount of Trion?  I have no idea, but it’ll probably come up again later on.


I want to say he should’ve listened to his dad, but we probably wouldn’t have World Trigger if he did.  Besides, when you see someone you care about in trouble, how can you not go help?  Though, I wonder how much longer his body has, especially since that was about 3 or 4 years ago.

Also, the whole trying to get the body back thing just reminds me more and more of FMA, in a good way. 


I’m glad the Chika wants to do something for herself, rather than relying on Osamu.  And the thing is, it’s not like she’s weak either, she’s got a crapton of Trion, so I’m eager to see her rise in the ranks.


I seriously appreciate that Osamu is honest (although, since Kuga’s Side Effect is detecting lies, he can’t afford not to be, but still…).  Although, I do still wonder if it did have something to do with Chika’s brother.


Osamu is already put off when Kuga suggests that he be the leader of the team, but he’s even more flustered when Chika agrees.  Aww, how adorable.  I can already tell they’ll make a good team. 

Also, in case you missed it, we’re getting 50 episodes!

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